8 thoughts on “D Allen Voodoo 69′ Pickups Guitar Pickup Demo

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    All these stealth inrunsiocs cannot augur well for Nigeria or Africa. We are being overrun by foreign entities and our clueless leaders don't seem to know where the door is. Its about time they were shown the door!

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    estoy completamente de acuerdo, por otros motivos hemos necesitado asistencia médica y no se puede con el oscurantismo y la falta de información, de momento lo tiene bien a ver si les dura

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    Steve Sailer wrote,The brains of the operation used the money to build a hilarious Persian Palace in San Clemente, then fled back to Iran before being arrested, leaving his brother-in-law to face the music…We never were told whether the crooks were Muslim, Jewish, or Bahai.That would STRONGLY suggest not Jewish. Jews who flee because of these issues invariably flee to a nearby Middle East country, but certainly not back to Iran.

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    kadang hujan membawa rejeki, jika terjadi banjir memang salah konstruksi pembangunannya??‘oh ya masalahnya selama apa lagi matahari akan muncul?’ selama hayat masih di kandung badan mas, hihihii..

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    Las sociedades… encuentran cierta satisfacción en… no alejarse del camino -que tienen por seguro- que les mantiene en la ruta del dolor o la infelicidadSerá que algunos masoquistas nos tiran de las sociedades en esa dolorosa dirección.

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