Accomplished guitarist/vocalist Maurice Pringle has been the quintessential musician for the past twenty years. He has not only worked closely with renowned musicians and artists, but has toured the country and the world showcasing his talents and earning the respect of his peers.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Pringle is sound evidence that heartfelt blues isn’t always birthed in the South. From an early age, he honed his talent, and went on to learn under a number of musical greats. Throughout the years, he was guided and mentored by renowned guitarist Mark Bowers, and influence by other accomplished guitarists like Stephen Ross, Paul Crook and Kevin Lutke, all of which contribute to Pringle’s eclectic style.

While other 13-year-old boys were developing their athletic abilities, Pringle was nurturing a passion for music. He began his early studies under the tutelage of the great jazz musician Eddie Blackwell. Inspired by a need to master his craft, Pringle left home at the age 17 to receive formal training at Music Tech, in Minneapolis, MN. It was then that he was offered a coveted gig with Bo Diddley, Jr., but Pringle’s parents thought he was too young and declined the invitation. Upon returning to his hometown, Pringle began a journey of hard work and dedication toward making his dreams a reality. His many diverse experiences helped him to evolve into a truly established guitarist.

In 2009, Guitar Center of Springfield, New Jersey, bestowed Pringle with the annual title “King of Blues.” Pringle has also garnered endorsements with music companies like Simple Amps, for whom he has toured and performed clinics throughout the U.S. Among many personal career highlights that Pringle notes, was an opportunity to jam with his musical hero Larry Mitchell along with Keith Golden and Alex Alexander, the touring rhythm section for international superstar singer Dido. With his rock-solid resume, Pringle hopes to expand and work with more artists the world over. “My goals for the coming year are to tour the world and continue making a living doing what I do best,” he says.

With his blues roots and rocker chops, Pringle has been known to electrify audiences with skilled displays. Whether it’s backing vocals, funky riffs or country licks, his years of versatility and experience prove that Pringle always delivers.