New Site + Updates

Welcome to the all-new MauricePringle.com! Thanks for taking a look, and please keep up with me by subscribing to my YouTube channel and Facebook page. If you’d like to get in touch, please send all inquiries via the Contact page.

I have a lot of great things in store, and I’m excited to add Knucklehead Strings to my list sponsors. I’ve also had the privilege of working with a great list of artists, including: Alvin and the 1015, Katrina Kapoor, Celebration Club, Dana Byrd, Cheek Bone, Amandla Turner, Diamond in Jupiter, Sheldon Goode.

Stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “New Site + Updates

  1. Gerri

    I LOVE COSVRTUCTINE FEEDBACK! What a logical, noble mind … always cuts through all the BS … YOU, CF, are the reason I keep reading this blog. You keep it real. Thank you, Field, for letting this man have a dissenting voice. A left-brainer on a right-brain blog.

  2. http://www./

    Oh dear! Have just seen the news/weather forecasts – they seem to have merged into snow and yet more snow. And more news about snow, so maybe you got your wish, Dianne? Lovely photos, visual pictures and reminders of some books I now want to re-read, Sue. Merry Christmas to you!

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    I couldn't agree more! I am exactly the same with my wardrobe. As for the chuck what you don't wear, I agree with it except for special things like your skates and stuff, they are great for decoration and I just love looking at beautiful things. I love it when you post pics of your house it is like a treasure trove xx

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    Anilda,Oh, I understand those feelings of, “I’ll never change – I’m hopeless!” This post might nurture you:Healing the voice of hopelessnessNever give up, dear one….I believe in you.Warmly, Karly

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